Gloria Estefan Cuts Both Ways (2 CD) Формат: 2 Audio CD Дистрибьютор: Epic Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2000 г Сборник: Импортное издание инфо 6487v.

Содержание CD1: Gloria Estefan Cuts Both Ways 1 Ay, Ay, I 2 Here We Are 3 Say 4 Think About You Now 5 Nothin' New 6 Oye Mi Canto (Heare My Voice) 7 Donn't Wanna Lose You 8 бшратGet On You Feet 9 Your Love Is Bad For Me 10 Cuts Both Ways 11 Oye Mi Canto (Spanish Version) 12 Si Voy A Perderte 13 Si Voy A Perderte CD2: Gloria Estefan Cuts Both Ways 1 Coming Out Of The Dark 2 Seal Our Fate 3 What Goes Arounвжьврd 4 Nayib's Song (I Am Here For You) 5 Remember Me With Love 6 Heart With Your Name On It 7 Sex In The 90's 8 Close My Eyes 9 Language Of Love 10 Light Of Love 11 Can't Forget You 12 Live For Loving You 13 Mama You Can't Go 14 Desde La Oscuridad 15 Don't Wanna Lose You 16 Words Get In The Way (Live) Исполнитель Глория Эстэфан Gloria Estefan Miami Sound Machine .

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